6.664 kilograms gold nugget called Devil’s Ear found in Siberia

Devil´s Ear from Russia Siberian TimesThe Siberian Times

(OroyFinanzas.com/en/) – Gold mining in Russia is in shock after the discovery in Ukhagan mine –placed at Siberia, most concretely in the Irkutsk region and Bodaybinsky district– with a sifting machine of a gold nugget with a strange form and a peculiar weight: 6.664 kilograms or 14.69 lbs. This object has been named, given the ‘three six’ in its weight and its shape, the ‘Devil’s Ear’.

By comparison, ‘Devil’s Ear’ is ten times smaller than the world’s largest nugget, called Welcome Stranger, which weighed in at 72.02 kilograms or 158.78 lbs. Its discovery on Friday, 13th of June, was involved in strange circumstances because it was in a full-moon night over Russia. Also, this piece was saved in the last moment before the intervention of the sifting machine.

In the future, the work will move to gold valuators and experts in the mining industry. Depending on its purity, this would make the nugget worth around $300,000. Both miners and experts believe that, if this ‘ear’ has been found, it is likely to be other ‘ear’ or, even, more “ears” in the same zone. Therefore, at least a ‘brother’ of this ‘ear’ is coming!

Ukhagan mine will acquire a new dimension due to the fact that it was believed that this mine was nearly exhausted despite having been opened few years ago. Mining gold companies are heavily betting on Russia. In the most recent past, some deposits have been found. With them and the old mines, the gold mining production is estimated to increase in 2014 above 7 million ounces.

Source: The Siberian Times

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